Lon is a small, almost unknown demiplane. It was allegedly created by an incredibly powerful wizard named Iskim Broon. The landmass of Lon is made up of several large earthmotes floating in a pervasive black void which is broken only by a thin bar on the “horizon” that grows and fades in color/intensity, presumably providing Lon with its day/night cycle. The atmosphere matches that of the Material Realm, and is quite livable.

The Crafters and Rasium

Along with creating the landmass, Iskim Broon also created 9 Genasi known as The Crafters. Each Genasi has a different elemental soul configuration, and have powers and abilities reflecting this configuration. The Crafters know Iskim as The Father. Iskim also created a powerful substance called Rasium, which is only found in Lon. This substance may act as a sort of magical raw material through which The Crafters may channel or amplify their natural elemental powers to shape and create matter. Rasium residue seems to permeate the air of Lon. It is possible that everything in Lon was made from Rasium. Broon was apparently the sole source of this material, and since his death, no more has been discovered, leaving Lon to subsist on its dwindling reserves.

Major Locations

Lon is populated by many people of seemingly random race, much like any region in the Natural Realm. These people were invited to live in Lon by Iskim, and seem to regard him highly. It is not known why they decided to come, or why they were asked. Lon has two major cities, Dysiris and Saug.

Dysiris is a lush nature-city seemingly grown straight out of the ground. Buildings seem to be completely natural and organic as if the forest simply desired to grow into the shape of a bridge, gazebo or storefront. It is led by three Crafters who call themselves The Curators. The curators, and residence of Dysiris are convinced that since The Father’s death, Rasium must be conserved and used sparingly. They believe there is enough left for them to live happily for many years.

Saug is an industrialized city of metal and rock. It is governed by three Crafters known as The Builders. These Genasi believe that there is more Rasium out in the expanses of the black void to be found, and that expending their shrinking reserves to find this motherload is worth the cost.

Tower of Broon
The Tower of Broon is a large construction that serves as a daily open air market for commercial trade between Dysiris and Saug. It was also once called home by all the Genasi Crafters, but is now only inhabited by Plague and Void, who have not chosen a side in the conflict between cities.

Plant and Wildlife

Lon is home to bizarre plants and animals that are either extremely rare, or simply not found anywhere but Lon.


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