The Crafters of Lon

The Demon & His (very Large) Little Pet

And there was blood & gore...lots of it.

The marketplace was in an uproar because just moments before, several travelers witnessed a gross deformity snatch and devour one of their own and then disappear into the forest.

The Grey Hand looked at one another and felt right at home. They plunged into the forest and quickly identified the monsters as a demon and a large meat blob. After only a few efficient rounds of heavy damage, some blood skidding and an errant Color Spray, both monsters were but a distant blood-lust fueled memory.

The large meat blob had apparently been around for some time because scattered amidst its “body” was all manner of treasure. Vealkarion and the Dwarf got down and dirty and began the arduous task of collecting their well earned booty. Unfortunately, the Saugian guards got wind of the treasure and arrogantly demanded that it be turned over to them. Tensions were high, but in the end, Ctharyan and Vygcarraash convinced the guards to let them bring it up with the rest of the Genasi and get their say.

Meanwhile, back in the bloody forest, the citizens of Lon joined in on the booty gathering, and the treasure was accumulated in no time at all. One of the most interesting treasures found was a survivor from the meat blob, a Githyanki cartographer by the name of Rothern. He was a man of delicate sensibilities and knew the worth of a good, hot, cleansing bath. When he heard that we were in need of a good sturdy map, he delightedly gave us the best map he had off his back. The Grey Hand promised to visit him in his Saugian dwelling, relieved that they had made a kindhearted friend in what appeared to be a bleak, militarian, and unfeeling city.




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