The Crafters of Lon

Saug's Tower Stronghold

My, what a well defended tower you've got there.

After defeating the errant monsters, The Grey Hand trudged towards Saug and after a few hours came upon the gates leading into Saug. The guards were quite rude (though that’s par for the course) but quickly backpedaled when they found out who they were dealing with. All of their attempts at civility and courteousness were met with thinly veiled contempt and scorn and not a little desire for violence.

The head guard gave stern orders to a novice guardsman to escort The Grey Hand to the Tower Stronghold, which lay in the center of Saug. The young guard was obviously inexperienced, but his fresh, eager-to-please face was untainted by the oppressive Saugian regime, the organization in which he enlisted to uphold, and that in the long run, would eventually break his spirit and turn him as bitter and callous as the rest of his fellow guards.

It was probably what drew Inadia to him. With minimal effort on her part, she was able to coax the guard to allow them to make a quick stop by Rothern’s dwelling on the way to the Tower. Once there, they stumbled upon Rothern taking a shower. The shower water was disgusting already, though there was no way of telling if it had started out grey, if the soap had caused it, or if Rothern was just really really dirty (which he undoubtedly was after spending some time encased inside the meat blob). After the embarrassing encounter, Rothern was unable to produce any useful secret maps, but provided a lovely and detailed pencil sketch of Saug. The Grey Hand promised to take good care of it and return it when they had no more need of it.

When they finally reached the Tower, they were led into a poorly lit “waiting” room by guards who were trying to be accommodating, but only knew a life of surliness. There was no love lost between The Grey Hand and any of the Saugian guards.

Fire, one of the Genasi Builders, soon appeared and flew into a fiery rage at the way his guests were being treated, though it seemed like he was more putting on a show because he read somewhere that was how he should act, than because of any actual indignation. He then led them up to the top of the Tower to show them the glory that was Saug. After talking for a while, he suggested that they might like to take a guided tour of the Tower and gave them two barely competent guardsmen who were liars to take them around while a dinner “feast” was prepared.

The first stop, of course, was the dungeon. The place where The Grey Hand was the most familiar with and was able to use to judge the quality of the overall building in an instant. It was packed with inmates, mostly petty crimes. The dungeon turned out to be the only place of note that they visited because the guards staunchly refused to show them where the airships were kept (probably a good choice in retrospect…a test flight would certainly have had to been made), even under the not-so-subtle threat of blackmail and less than satisfactory tour guide score. Which Vealkarion happily fulfilled once he saw Fire again.

Dinner with the Builders was a slightly awkward affair but was made tolerable thanks to some Everlasting Provisions. The Grey Hand stayed in the Tower for the night, in the “guest” rooms.

In the morning, they set out on their first assignment, which was to garner them some Rasium.




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