The Crafters of Lon

Getting into Lon

Portal In

The Freeboots “club” that The Grey Hand is a member of sends them to a scholar who wants to port them over to Lon for some rare metal and some Columbus-ing. They decide the reward is worth the risk (and they’re bored anyway) so they decide to help the guy out. A lovely chest is procured from the Freeboots bank, a nice secure, convenient spot, for 100 gp per year and they put some stuff inside, most notably the return portal scroll that will get them out of Lon.

The actual portal-ing was pretty uneventful, flashy, pretty typical fare. Lon was apparently made up of lots of floaty islands, connected by worm-like chain bridges.

The Grey Hand decide to head to the left side of the main island of Lon, where it appeared to be mountainous and desert-y.

Unfortunately, they’re not even half way across when they are beset by airship pirates.

- RoughDreamer



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