The Crafters of Lon

Genasi Pow Wow

Stone Chairs? What is this, Narnia?

After a restful night in Turiri’s inn and some delicious Dalelands fare to break their fast, The Grey Hand was notified by the Eladrin guards that the Crafters were about to set off for the Tower of Broon for the weekly Genasi meeting. The Grey Hand decided to walk with them and took the opportunity to continue to be nosy Outsiders and get a better feel for the temperament and motivations of the Crafters.

When they arrived at the Tower of Broon and the marketplace, they saw Tiggs again and chatted briefly with the good-natured fellow. They also decided to interview a Saug resident, a farming implement seller by the name of Torith. His story was similar to Tiggs, just with a Saugian viewpoint.

The Genasi meeting was attended by all of the Genasi in Lon except for Wind (A.K.A. Rakas).

After the meeting was over, there was a disturbance in the marketplace and The Grey Hand rushed to see what was the matter.




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