The Crafters of Lon

Damn Pirates...

Inaugural Use of Arcane Gate

So the Grey Hand is tromping along the bridge, which was sturdy, though a bit heave-inducing with the abyss below, when they are set upon by airship pirates. The pirates quickly and efficiently capture the entire party with some nasty acid ropes, effectively sealing them in a little bridge cocoon and giving them only minutes to decide their fate. Which was basically, hand over all of your gold or plunge to your deaths.

Naturally, you don’t get to lvl 13 in life without watching your back and doing lots of insight checks, so the party was wary of any sort of promise of safety. After a few moments of panic and life-flashing-before-my-eyes, Inadia remembered that she recently acquired Arcane Gate, which was perfect for the bit of trouble they seemed to be in. In the ensuing ruckus, a plan was hastily hashed out. Unfortunately, with the wind of the airship close by and the ability to communicate hindered, bits and pieces of the more or less well-laid plans were snatched away on the wind. As soon as Inadia stepped into the Gate and out onto the ship, the pilot of the airship sensed that plans had gone awry and kicked the airship into gear and out of harm’s way…or so he thought.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party was shocked at the turn of events, but quickly pulled themselves together. Vealkarion used his handy dandy Exodus Knife to create a room of safety from the imminent plunge into the abyss, while Ctharyan teleported to safety. The airship was pretty far away, but Vealkarion was still able to nearly kill one of the gunmen before they were out of range.

Back on the ship, chaos, fire, and blood ensue with Inadia bravely trying to take down as many of the pirates as possible. Alas, her barely armored and small stature was no match for the odds and she tumbled off the side of the airship.

- RoughDreamer



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